Is there any chance these are red pullets??


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Apr 17, 2013
Cause that's what TSC sold them as being. I am new to chickens and trusted TSC staff, but am now suspecting if they are red anything, it's sex link roos. Anybody know what these chicks could be? Added note: they are approx 3 weeks old in these pics taken today!! Thanks!!
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Dont ever trust their staff some don't know what they are doing at all. Those are not red pullets. Maybe you lucked out and got a leghorn or something...Because if you did get them from a red pullet thing then yes you got the roos.
They could be golden comets, which is the type of red pullet I got from TSC. I believe yours might be roos because they don't have any brown stripes like my 3 weeks do. Since golden comets are sex linked, light yellow means roo. Otherwise, I think you got Cornish rocks, which aren't sex linked, so they could be anything, roo or hen.
My TSC isn't very good with the signs. I have never seen sex linked straight run or males so I doubt they would try to sell those in store. Only the pullets are sold from that hybrid. I think you probably got assorted pullets that were put in the red bin. Sometimes they mix red pullets with white leghorn or tetra tint or amberlink pullets and never change the sign that says "sex link red pullets"... they just expect the staff to know what is in the bin. We all know that many of the employees don't know what they are looking at. I would guess these are a white pullet - either leghorn, tetra tint, or amberlink since that is what they usually get in as pullets at TSC. But, knowing TSC they could be literally any white chicken.
Having red sex links, also known as golden comets, cinnamon queens, and red stars, they look like roos. Red sex link are color gendered white being male and caramel looking ones female.. sorry.
Well, TSC now says they are white leghorn pullets even though they were labeled red pullets!! TSC, also, refuses to do anything about it!! We were literally told by the manager of this TSC store "just sell them on Craigslist for $2 a piece!!" Needless to say, I'm not happy!! I got 2 isa browns and 2 buff orpingtons tonight at rural king. Not taking my business back to that TSC!!! Trying to sell the white leghorns. If I can't get them sold will try to keep them, but if they're too loud or testy with the kids will have to butcher!!
Keep them, they will be fine. Leghorns may be a little flighty compared to the others, but they are by no means evil child torturers. In fact, my first chicken I had when I was in 2nd grade was a leghorn that was pretty much my pet :)

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