Is there ANYONE in their twenties...


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Mar 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
...who is NOT completely obsessed with drinking? Or who was not a partier at that age? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

I've never been one to party or drink irresponsibly. I would much rather sit and enjoy sipping a nice glass of red wine. I just never saw the fun in getting completely drunk every week/day/weekend. And yet, it seems so many people my age do.

I'm also an alcohol and drug educator and I work out of the counseling center at my college. It shows me a much darker side to the drinking. I've never been one to discourage drinking entirely, but I believe if you consume alcohol you better do so responsibly.

Certainly makes finding social activities to do with people my age difficult. Today a guy in my botany class made a comment about his drinking habits when we were talking about tea and coffee. Just made me shake my head. I guess to some people that's considered "cool". Then I wonder what planet I'm from!
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I'm turning 29 this year, but I was never into drinking. It bugs my stomach. I'll have something to drink probably once every 2 months on average. I married at 20, pregnant by 22 though... so not much time to drink, lol.
Being 20 and drinking red wine is a rarety indeed!
I drank red wine when I was in my early 20's. Ask any true wine expert and they will tell the same.I like a strong vino wine.
I'm turning twenty-three soon, and utterly uninterested in alcohol. I have addictive genes all over my family tree, plus an addictive personality, so I'm not even trying alcohol in moderation, or even a tiny amount. Too dangerous for me! It can be a little isolating to not be "into" drinking at this age. My friends respect my views and don't pressure me to drink, but going to parties where there are a ton of people drinking ends up being somewhat uncomfortable for me. It doesn't bother me that much, but a little? Yeah. I feel my social possibilities are a tad limited by my lack of drinking. There are people in their twenties who are not interested in drinking, it's just a matter of finding others like us!

I enjoy my life enough sober, thank you very much, and I want it to stay that way!
My parents drink white zinfandel and they recently got into red Sangria. Those are two of my favorites. I do enjoy Merlot quite a bit, but most sweeter red wines are delicious. I also really enjoy the fruity wines. I got my hands on a bottle of locally made blueberry and strawberry wine and I could drink an entire bottle of that in a sitting. It's so delicious you forget it is wine!

A friend of my mom's introduced me to Norwegian Ice Wine. That, by far, was the best wine I have ever had. You can only buy the real stuff in Norway and it's about $40 per tiny bottle. Here you can buy a bottle of the knock off stuff for $80 but it just doesn't compare. I am very sad that it is so difficult to import ice wine from Norway! Guess I'll just have to plan a trip to Norway sometime in the future!
I completely understand the discomfort. Watching others who are drunk is only amusing for a short while! Then I just feel like I'm babysitting. Some of my friends hardly drink at all. The others I feel drink for the novelty of the fact that they can.

I just turned 22 in February and I already feel so much older than my peers. I am very close to my parents though and I enjoy doing many of the activities they do, which is mostly things an older generation would enjoy. I guess that's where I get my taste in activities from! I find it very difficult to find others who can just sit and relax. Most people (no matter the age) have to be up and doing something. Our main family activity during the summer is sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs talking about our days. At school it's always go, go, go!
I am 22 this year and have never been to a party. Or ordered a drink at a bar or resturant. Im just totally uninterested in drinking. I have had a drink a time or two when out but thats pretty much it. I have prolly consumed under 10 alcoholic beverages in my whole life.

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