Is there anyone who butchers/processes chickens & turkeys in SE Texas?

Michele G

6 Years
Jul 8, 2015
Nederland, TX
Is there anyone who knows of someone that will do the killing and processing of chickens and turkeys? I'm looking to raise up some meat birds and turkeys but I am not set up to do all the processing of the birds. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
I’m not sure there’s much within 2 hours of you are you willing to drive? There’s windy meadows near Tyler, Cobb creek near Hillsboro, dewberry hills near Austin that are all inspected where you can sell. There’s a nice man in a waller that’s state inspected but not processed under inspection, so you have to have pre-sold the bird to use him and then sell it. If you want contact for any of those or further info on any of those let me know.

I just met someone near you who drives all the way to cobb creek which is why I’m not sure there’s someone near you.
Thanks for the responses. I guess it's time for me to learn how to do the deed myself....ughhhh. I was hoping one of the local 4H FFA clubs could do it but no luck yet.
Oh that's one more thing, sorry I forgot to mention. I would call your county fair office. There's got to be processors nearby and on hand for the winning birds in the fair....

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