Is there something wrong with my duck?


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Feb 23, 2013
I have a female Muscovy and for a few months every time she poops it's all liquid like diarrhea. Shes fed staple food at night 16%, and gets mealworms, peas, carrots, tomatos, grapes, etc every now and then. My girlfriend thinks this happens because she lays eggs, but she does this weeks after laying too though. What could be causing this to happen?

Side note I have 2 boys and they have the exact same diet and they always have solid and the female goes every 10 min and there's a lot every time it's ridiculous.
BTW they're all 15 months old
Sounds like she could have worms. I would do 1/10 cc orally of ivermectin for every 10 lbs of weight. You can get ivermectin at TSC. It is supposed to be for cattle but my poultry extension agent told me about it. It has always worked for me in both geese and ducks. Just make sure that you dispose of eggs for 3 weeks and don't eat any them for 3 weeks. You might want to go ahead and deworm your males, too. It can be quite contagious.
Another option is to collect some of the poop and have a fecal test done. Worms are a possibility, but there are other possibilities.

She may have an imbalance in her gut, in which case probiotics could help.

My runners have very liquid poop if they are mostly playing in water or eating alot of ice and snow (they do that in winter), away from the food pan.

Have you tried setting more food in front of her? If she is laying, she may have more need of solid food.
A lot depends upon diet....but also if it it Cecal or intestinal feces. Again, Lot's of veggies will increase cecals.

I forgot to mention i have taken a sample to a vet and they said they found nothing. I thought it was worms too. When shes laying she has food 24/7 in front of her but she just got done sitting so wont be laying for a lil bit. She does spend almost all her time in or around her pond though.
Oh, good! If the vet has checked and found no worms, I would feel pretty confident it is something else. I get poultry vitamins that come with probiotics in them. I would try that. And she has access to the outdoors and-or grit, yes? Somewhere I read that if they don't have enough grit, their poop can get runny.... wish I could remember the source.

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