Is there something wrong with my new chicks?


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Jan 10, 2017
So i recently bought 2 EEs to add to our flock. They’re about 1.5 weeks old now. I know they’re babies so they sleep a lot, but one of them isn’t very active at all. She’s had some diarrhea, and she sleeps a lot. I don’t really know if there is any cause for concern, but I just want to know if she is sick. She eats enough and has plenty of fresh water.
Try doing a schedule of sugar water then regular water (I did every 15min) but you could probably do every half hour, alternating between sugar and regular.

Give it to her only and make sure she drinks some when you are giving it to her. You can use a dropper or just a small cup to see if she will drink from there.:)
Do you put electrolytes in their water? If not, maybe try that for a few day/week. Or sugar water. My new batch of chicks came with all chicks alive, but one of them was a bit listless. Sugar water and electrolytes worked wonders.
Electrolytes are a good idea too but I would only do that if the majority of the chicks are the same way, no need to give it to the others if they don't need it;)

You could try electrolytes instead of sugar water if you wanted to.

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