Is there such a thing as using TOO MUCH Sevin Powder for Lice?


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Apr 7, 2011
I just got two silkies who had some lice on them. I gave them a good dusting with Sevin powder. My question is, do I have to get the excess powder off of them or is it okay to leave excess on them. I am worried if it gets into their food or water. Thanks in advance. At first I thought it may be good to let it on and kill those buggers but am now second guessing myself.
Hmmmmmm I hope not, because whenever I dust my birds they all look with. Even though I only have 4 (3 are Silkies) who really are and I have a lot of birds. Mostly FBCMs, so unless it's flying off of their heads and they start coughing I think you're OK. LOL

BTW I dust pens and coops and I'm not stingy with the stuff. They should be fine.
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Thank you! I went out to check on them and I couldn't believe how the lice were falling off of them! I never had to deal with lice! Sevin is awesome!

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