Is this 3 month chick a rooster??? PICS!!


what's quackalackin?
10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
So this is daisy.... i have posted pics of it a while ago as it was growing up..... both times i last posted it, everyone said hen...... but i am not so sure lol. I am normally pretty good at sexing chickens but seeing i raised this one with nothing to compare too and the fact that i dont want a rooster i have convinced myself that all its male traits somehow link back too a hen..... although the older it gets the harder it is for me to convince myself!!!

I am editing to say i feel like a tool for posting this as the more i look it is a rooster but i want to be doubly as i have to sell it if it is a roo!!!
couldn it have at least been a hermaphrodite.......

the chicken "cockadoodooldoo...", me "oh some hens can do that"
the chicken .... has curved tail feathers, me "oh look u must be molting"
the chicken .... fiery attitiude, me "oh its just because you are an OEGS "
the chickens ... pointy neck feathers, me "oh but if u look real close they are round"
the chicken... large comb, me "its not THAT big, plus u have small wattles"... and so on

but i am running out of excuses!!!!!

So here is Daisy it is a he right???
Click for bigger pics!! please....

the kneck feathers...

the comb and wattles...

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that chock looks like my rodney sorry i think its a boy may i ask what breed it is as i have not worked out what rodney is but if it helps my rodney is a real sweetie he loves to have cuddles
thanks sure, he is an Old English Game standard but i dont think he is show quality as he is too small..... im glad he is cuddly
altho i cant keep roosters so i am in search of a good home where he will have ladies and not be eaten
rodney is a great name haha he sounds such the sweety

so everyone thinks rooster then?? ..... i want to be 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% sure and have as many votes rooster as possible so i am sure i HAVE to give him away
thanks guys!!
oh ok i live in Vic near Melbourne...... need a holiday to Gippsland soon and an extra rooster lol....
Hey, another Victorian - what part of Gippsland, Morri (if you don't mind me asking)?

It's a beautiful part of the country, and the home to many of my favourite holiday destinations.

By the way - have you considered naming Daisy as Davy? Nice easy change hehe :)

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