Is this a campine?

chick on a stick

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Apr 19, 2011
Current 5 week old picture




Baby picture

My golden campines didn't look like that as chicks. They are only 4 weeks old now so don't have any other comparison.

Here is one of mine at 1 week. I know it's not the best shot, but you can tell a major difference between mine and what you've posted:


EDIT: added pic
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I was thinking buttercup too at first. She looked more like a buttercup as a baby. But her comb is not very developed at all. And it doesnt seem to be developing into a buttercup comb. She came from ideal poultry.
I'll try to get a close-up of her comb. She is hard to catch though. Are either buttercups or campines slow at developing their combs? She is 5 weeks and doesnt have much of one.
I am going to say I think that is an EE.

Don't laugh!

I did have some that I sold with that coloration. And I have had EEs with no cheek muffs.

But the Good Lord knows that I am no EE expert and there ARE EE experts here.

Also, I have had Golden Campines, and that is not the way their combs look.
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Yeah her comb and legs say easter egger. But she doesn't have puffy cheeks and she is quite a bit smaller than our other chicks who are the same age. Are EE's sometimes smaller?

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