Is this a DUmB Question?


8 Years
May 21, 2011
SF East Bay, CA
I am a Newbie. Our 4 girls are outside now and we are letting them out. They are so fun. and I had figured I would just pick up the hose and hose off the Poops on the concrete patio! NOT. The consistency is much more rubbery and STUCK to the concrete than I expected. I had to really scrape and it still stained. Is this just my learning curve and is there a secret something to spray on it to loosen to help? or maybe I can invent one.
:welcomeUse some bleach and don't let them poo on the concrete anymore . Put some plastic down and there are no dumb questions . It's the learning curve
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Definately not a dumb question. The previous poster is correct. Use a diluted bleach solution and a broom to get the stains out. You can also put white sand (playsand) on the concrete to protect it if your birds will be hanging out on the patio.
If you wet it all down and let it soak a bit it'll hose right up. Admittedly my back porch slab is 50 years old but chicken poo never actually stains it, maybe because the top smooth layer is weathered off? In any event, just letting it soak a bit makes it come right up. Use a strong spray. Same with all bird hockey.

I have 2 free flying cockatiels in the house; You'd be amazed where they can leave a pile. I have one that is perfectly deposited on the WALL 18" from the ceiling (Pine not sheet rock - won't stain). That must have taken some real talent. I left it there and laugh every time I see it.
Wow. Thanks. I feel better. We are going to try sand in the new coop conversion, so we will scatter some onto the concrete. They don't seem to want to walk on the mulch and dirt but would rather march on the patio and poop before reaching the grass area. where i have never seen them poop! grrrr....
Thanks for the Bleach info.
Each day the girls get bigger and each day the POOPS get bigger. How big to the finally get? Baseball size? I am beginning to see the golf ball size. Geez.....
That's funny because the other day I saw my egg laying RIR poop . I told my wife later that it looked like an ole man spitting out his chewing bacca , wad , juice and all .
Since we are talking poop and sidewalks, I thought I would chime in. We have a sidewalk and patio that are being cleaned frequently too. Poop and child don't mix, but helps with shoes.
My son hated shoes, wouldn't leave them on but for a couple of minutes. I big pain when we go out and I'm always having to find his shoes and put them back on. But since he decided to explore the run and stepped in a big pile of poo then into feathers, it was hilarious watching him waddle out of there going "yucky poopoo". Now he won't go outside without his shoes on. No more problem keeping shoes on....LOL

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