Is this a fertile egg and how do I clean/store them?

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  1. bbecca

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    May 24, 2016
    I'm so excited, we found our first laid egg tonight!! Can anyone tell me if this looks like a fertilized egg? Is the dark spot (blood) a giveaway?Our rooster has been mounting the hens a lot. I also need to know how to clean them...just lukewarm water? Or is there a good solution or soap to use? And I was thinking of storing them in fridge right this correct?[​IMG]

  2. bbecca

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    May 24, 2016
    Btw the picture I posted has a storebought egg on top. My fresh layed egg is the bottom one. Thanks!
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    That "blood" spot doesn't mean it's fertile, it just happens with first time layers (from what I've read). Can't see no "bulls eye" so don't think it's fertile, not sure if every mount = fertility. How old is your Roo?

    I don't wash my eggs, set it in an egg carton on the counter. From what I understand & read, a "bloom" protects the eggs freshness. It's a film that covers the egg as it's laid. If you ever see an egg laid, it'll be wet (bloom) which dries off pretty fast. The eggs you get at the market has been washed therefor refrigerated. Read an unwashed egg can be left out months.....There's a thread here about this subject, to wash or not to wash.

    Congrats on your first egg, I just got the second from one of my 5 Wynadottes (36wks).
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    Can't tell from that pic if it's fertile or not. It's really a subtle thing to look for.

    Is there a particular reason you ask? I just go on the theory of rooster = fertile eggs. My roosters have no problems giving me wonderful fertility when I'm hatching. Sounds like you're not looking to hatch, just eating eggs? So no particular reason, just curious?

    Blood or meat spots don't indicate fertility. They're a glitch, usually a broken blood vessel during egg formation. Not a problem for the hen, just a kink her system is working out. Pretty common in new layers. The reason you don't see them in store bought eggs (much, anyway) is because they candle the eggs and pull any with spots to be used in bakeries, etc.

    Lots of ways to store eggs. I don't wash and store on the kitchen counter. You can wash and refrigerate, that's fine also.

    Congrats on your first egg! I've been raising birds 20 some years, and still get excited when a pullet give me that first egg.....
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