is this a guinea egg?


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Oct 26, 2010
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My mother-in-law gave us keets May 9th, and wasn't sure how old they were, but they were supposed to be "day-olds". Their bodies weren't much bigger than a quarter. They've been mating for about a week now, and today I found an egg in the middle of the field where my husband's Bronco and trailer had been parked yesterday - their favorite place to hide under. Our chickens which were day-olds received April 14th have been laying 8 days now, and all of their eggs have been in the nesting boxes, clean, perfectly shaped, and warm light browns. This egg was cream, dirty looking, and out in the middle of nowhere. Could the guineas be laying this early? We're in west Tennessee, the temps have been mid-eighties, to mid-nineties.

This picture shows the egg in question, one of our chicken's first eggs, and a store-bought egg.

The one on the left certainly looks like a Guinea egg.... the size is right, the color is right and it has that typical triangle shape. I'm guessing the shell is really hard to crack too.
Sweet! I knew they were good for something, lol. I just thought it was way too soon for them to start laying - I've never found any concrete "months til maturity" for guineas on the web, just that they were seasonal, so I really didn't expect any eggs until next spring. On one site some idjit said it would be 2-3 years.

What a nice surprise for me
I can't wait until we get the new fence up so I don't have 2 acres to search to find more, lol.
If I counted right... they are just shy of 16 weeks old (4 Months) so yes, they are old enough to start laying

And yes, that's the typical shape for a Guinea egg
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My Guineas started laying at 16 weeks. The eggs started out tiny, some round too, but they have gotten bigger. Still need about 3 to make a decent breakfast though.
Well, I haven't found any more since that day. I even watched one off by herself acting like she was making a nest, then leave it, cross the lawn and start mouthing off, went searching where she had been and found nothing. I'm going to have to get my husband to park the trailer up there again to see if they'll lay under it again, pretty expensive nesting box, huh, lol.

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