Is this a maran? and am i Mrs or Mr Smoky?


10 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Is this a maran?

Is it a Mrs or Mr Smoky?

Approximately 17 weeks old

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I see it now. Sorry, it wouldn't come up at first. The chicken looks like a rooster for sure. Not sure on breed. Someone who knows about Marans will chime in soon.
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MR. Smoky, the Cuckoo Maran looking cockerel! Lol.

ETS: Could we perhaps get an up-close on the hackles and saddle feathers. That tail of "his" makes me wonder, and maybe a picture of him not excited? My Cuckoo Cockerel looks a bit different than Smoky here.
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I am going out on a limb on the gender and say hen, reason being is that I see no hackle and/or saddle feathers, and I have barred rock hens at 20wks that have wattles and combs twice that big, so I say hen as far as breed I am certain she is not a barred rock, but not real sure what she is.

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