Is this a pip or crushed egg?

Jul 22, 2021
I set these eggs 6/12 with a hatch date of 7/3 but the last eggs I put under a hen in March started hatching 4 days early which I believe the early hatching is caused by high temperatures where I live, 3 hens all had early hatches so I'm betting these will hatch early also. I put 6 eggs under her and 1 is missing and she's got yolk dried to the bottom of her wing feathers and I did not find a body and it also doesn't smell like rotten egg either so I'm assuming another hen jumped in to lay an egg and smashed it and they ate it before I discovered it but now there is this egg that's cracked and idk if it's a pip or smashed. I candled it and the baby is still alive in there but idk if I should add wax to the cracks or leave it be in case it is trying to hatch? It is also at the narrow end of the egg and my last hatch had 1 baby come out the wrong end and it did not really zip, I kept checking it and it appeared like the whole narrow end of the shell was smashed and I couldn't tell if the hen had done it but it ended up hatching put just fine. On the one hand I don't want to seal the cracks and kill the chick if it is trying to come out but also don't want it to die if the shell is cracked too soon. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also I do not have an incubator so it will have to stay under the hen.
Melt and drip candle wax on the cracks and spread it with your forefinger. It will be very important that you keep other hen from bothering her. Once damaged eggs tend to break readily.
Good news update, one chick has hatched, one pipped externally and another pipped internally. The chick in the crushed egg is still alive and chirping now though the whole side of the egg that was cracked is pretty well smooshed up with some pieces missing and the membrane I can see is dry but doesn't appear to be stuck to the chick at this point. The opposite side of the egg is still intact, I had positioned it yesterday in the middle with the other 4 eggs around it to sort of shield it from additional damage and the egg and momma hadn't moved since then so I'm hoping tomorrow it'll hatch without any trouble. The 5th and final egg I don't see any movement at all, I candled them all yesterday after finding the crushed one and it had no movement then either but the egg doesn't smell either so I'm leaving it under her for now cause it looks like it's fully developed and I'm not confident it's actually dead just yet either so we'll see how that goes. In the nest next door I gave her sister 6 eggs on Saturday, one of hers went missing but candling the eggs tonight the remaining 5 all have veins with a little spot in the middle. Interestingly none of the other hens tried to lay their eggs in the nests today, I have 4 empty nests and they all went in the corner on the floor. I'm not thrilled about floor eggs but they did this last time and wouldn't go in the nests as soon as the eggs started chirping and then went right back to the nests as soon as the momma took her babies out, not sure why they do this.

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