Is this a pullet or a cockerel?


7 Years
Aug 13, 2014
New Bedford, MA

I got this little one about a month ago, the farmer I got it from said she hatched in June there is no sign of a big comb but the tail feathers are kind of long. Does it look like a pullet or a cockerel? Thanks in advanced. By the way if you can't tell I'm new to this, I did get much help by reading post here to build my coop thanks to all.
Australorp? It doesn't look Australorp-ish in the pic, but maybe that's because of the angle. You really can't see the head or the shape of the body. Basically, check our the feathers just before the tail. If they're long and pointy, you have a roo.
Thanks all, after reading a little more more I think it is a black Sumatra cause the bottom of the feet are yellow. I'm not sure yet if it's a cockerel since the other hens are always picking on it.

Your bird is a cockerel. Those longer, flowing feathers hanging down in front of the tail are only on males. The hens are picking on him cause he's still just a baby, not cause of gender.

I don't know Sumatras enough to say that's one, but it's not an Australorp. Aussies are much larger, blockier and upright with large straight red combs. This bird is longer, leaner, more streamlined looking, plus the dark skin and small comb.

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