Is this a pullet

Jun 1, 2018
me again..
Is this a pullet?
19F77FD9-E880-40C2-9937-36FF66CB3140.jpeg 097E5F78-E7E5-4352-A8C2-C606503DF3CA.jpeg
Age needed! I currently have four GLW that are 19 weeks old. Two are males, two are females. I lean towards female on this bird due to rounded tail feathers, no obvious pointed saddle feathers. However, those red wattles give me pause, and cannot see the full comb or color very well in the pics.
to me looks like a pullet,some of them just like to make ya play the guessing game lol, had one that acted more like a cockerel even tried crowing and add in was a late layer, we were back and forth until she finally laid an egg lol
Here are my four at 6 weeks. 2 males, 2 females. Wattle development starting in females, but that one on right is pretty bright red and obvious male comb. The other male is center/upright with a little slower development.

The gender differences, saddle feathers were quite apparent by 12 weeks.

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