Is this a result of pecking order?


Sep 5, 2015
Tolland, CT
I recently moved my 7 week old baby chicks (two breeds 4 each) into the chicken coop. In a dog crate they are sealed in their crate, so that the adult chickens cannot get to them- a look and not touch policy. I have four adults, two Rhode Island Reds and two silver cuckoo Marans: I recently noticed that while they are free-ranging one of the Marans (Houdini) is harassing the other Maran (jizele) with our being povoked. Could this be result of them establishing a new pecking order due to the new chicks or is this just a show of aggression or to move up in the line?
The addition of the chicks could be causing some affirmations of the pecking order. Is your set up big enough to add more? Having too many in a smaller area can cause aggression too. Adding chicks can disrupt things in a flock, but it's usually temporary.

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