is this a rooster?

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Mar 16, 2013
i have 15 Rhode Island red pullets, but week by week i think one of them is a rooster. my mother is not conviced it is a rooster, but i am. what do you guys think?

~4-5 weeks

~6 1/2 weeks

thanks :) (if i need to take more pics, let me know)
I have 4 RIRs that are that same age. I can CLEARLY tell one is a boy. The comb is much redder and taller than the others which are girls. It's hackles are even redder. Can you take a pic comparing it to one of the others?
here are a couple more pics i just took a few mins ago:

here is another pics of him/her alone

here are two pics of of him/her with many of the others:

and these are all the same breed.
Ummm that looks like a fella to me! You could easily pick him out of the second and third pic. Can you keep roosters?
yes i can. and thanks everyone! we were going to buy a rooster but now i dont think we need to!!
lol. whoever said this is a rooster would be correct.

here is a pic of him now at 7 and 8 weeks old

he is always the first one at the door once we open it. he is actually very friendly though so far. he has never tried to peck me or my dad and he never "chases" us
he is also very courious and loved his first time outside the other day. my dad named him Rusty the Rooster
hmm, i just remembered this and thought i would post some updated pics of my now for sure boy :) plus he FINALLY started crowing!

this was him yesterday :D


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