Is this a sex linked roo?


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8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
It seems like a may have a roo on my hands. What do you think?
If it is, I thought sex was linked to color.
It has pointy feathers on its chest and on the sides of his backside.

Your insight is appreciated.

You may just have a male sexlink.
I'm torn between a sex link point of lay and a second generation cockeral lol! The profile shot just isn't clear enough, I think I see some saddle feathers but the legs don't look rooish. The coloring is a little off for a first gen pullet, also. A closer, clear side shot and age will help a lot, also where did you get it?
They look like a sexlink. It does not look like a rooster. The red sexlinks I always have got have larger combs for the roosters.
I've seen the bird pin down other and kind of mount another. SOmething I haven't seen other hens do.
It was a runt of the flock and now towers over the rest. The waddle is larger than any other of my sexlinks were at point of lay.
I'll try and post another pic.

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