Is this a stupid question? I have post it but no reply.

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Can you incubate quail and chicken eggs at the same time? we have room in the incubator and extra chicken eggs. Don't want it to effect the quail egg. Don't care so much about chicken egg. Do people do this? the temp and humidity are the same right (about 99.5 degrees humidity 60%) i know the chicken hatches later than the quail. Wanted to know what you guys.
No it's not a stupid question at all, just not a lot of folks do it. I hatch them together often, I just put the quail eggs in about 3 days after the chicken eggs. When I take them out of the turner to hatch I put in egg cartons cut in half to keep the chickens on one side as they hatch so they don't squash the quail or move the eggs around a lot. I've had good luck doing it.
IDK i dont do it! sorry
It may be trickier with a still air incubator. The temperature should be taken at the top of the eggs and it is not going to be the same temperature for both sizes. Your best bet is to take the reading at the top of the chickens' eggs and raise the quail eggs up to be about halfway to the level of the chicken eggs.
I routinely add chicken eggs 7 days into the incubation of my guinea eggs in order for all them to hatch together and then raise an integrated flock. So I see no reason why it shouldn't work with quail or other eggs-----just do the timing.

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