Is this an Easter Egger or something else?


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Feb 7, 2013
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Thanks for helping me out! We bought 2 pullets from the pullet bin at Tractor Supply in March. One was a "chipmunk" and one was white (so probably a Leghorn or White Plymouth Rock).

We are wondering if the chipmunk chick is an Easter Egger as we were told by the guy there. We got 2 Easter Eggers later at Shipton's that look like other Easter Eggers I have seen on the internet. But the first chick doesn't look much like them. She is mostly black with a little bit of gold lacing. She hardly has any comb, and she is very round.

Here she is in the middle (the white pullet is to her right):

I guess we'll know for sure when she starts laying, but that not be for a while!

Thanks! -Patti
What color are her feet? I bet that would help someone on here who knows more than me. But that looks a lot like my gold laced wyandotte. I guess that coloring could carry through to and EE though.
They're sort of a sooty yellow.

I've been thinking Gold Laced Wyandotte, but we weren't sure.

Here's a pic that my daughter just took.


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