Is this an Emergency? Sudden on-set panting and wheezing


14 Years
Feb 26, 2009
Yarmouth, Maine
Something is wrong with my Dominique. She started panting and wheezing all of a sudden about half an hour ago.

She is a people chicken and always follows us around when we let them out to free-range. So as we are eating dinner on the deck she clucked around the table with the dogs. She was totally herself --I threw her down a couple grapes and my corn on the cob after I finished eating most of it.

After a bit she left to join the others and free-ranged fro another hour --no panting/ wheezing -- just her normal self.

Then when I went out to close them in for the night she came running to me (all the others were up to roost for the night). I could see she was breathing heavily and mouth open with a little wheezing sound. --WHAT HAPPENED?

I brought her inside to see if I could find the problem -- massaged her crop which felt fine . I noticed she is also drooping her wings and holding them away from her body a bit. It is almost as if she is too hot --and it is unseasonably warm today but by no means warmer than the summer weather. It is 74 in the coop right now.

Should I be worried? Is this an emergency -- if so how can I help her??? THANK YOU for any help!
I would just monitor for a day or so, especially since it is fairly sudden. It has been very cool here and turned warm today and I noticed several gals not liking it much and panting like it was summer. Let us know how she looks tomorrow morning and if you notice any other symptoms.
I had one do that to me, and what I did was bring her inside and giver her some electrolytes. It took about an hour, but she cooled off and was fine. She doesn't have a piece of food stuck in her throat does she?
Ok sounds good -- (I won't tell you that I have neurotically checked on her about 15 times in the past hour!!) She was the only one that got the corn-on-the-cob treat. I have heard that it is a myth that corn raises their body temperature but -- not sure -- maybe that made her too hot?
Whew -- she is FINE! Totally 100% back to her own self!I think since it had been so cool and fall like and then we got one warmer humid day and she just got too warm. Scared the pants off me though! Thanks for your concern and help!!

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