is this an illness or an injury?


Apr 1, 2016
Hey all, I noticed the other day that one of our hens was favoring one leg and limping around a bit. The only thing I can see that looks out of place is the back talon on the sore leg looks small and dark. The photo below shows the sickly looking toe on the right compared with the normal looking one on the left. I'm curious if anyone can tell me if this is an illness or an injury and what, if anything needs to be done about it? It doesn't seem to be slowing her down too much, but she does stand on her good leg and keep the weight off the sore one from time to time.

any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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It looks like it may be an injury.
Has she broken her claw?
You can soak the foot in some epsom salts or betadine solution. Check to make sure the claw is not infected. You may need to treat with some antibiotic ointment and soak the foot for a few days.

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