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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kv1211, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Aug 2, 2011
    I have two white leghorns and two RIR, both my leghorns have a pale beak while my RIR's have orange beaks. One of my leg horn has a black line on her beak that reaches her other side of her beak. It sort of reminds me of a bruise but not sure, noticed this about a week ago.
    Another question, my chicks are two weeks old and my leghorns are starting to develop a comb, I can only see them if I squint and see the ridges. Are these early signs of a rooster? my two RIR's don't have this yet.

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    I have that in my other light beaked birds but I don't raise leghorns so I don't know. I'd say it's normal but I'm not positive. The RIR's develop slower so I would say that it would only be a sign of a rooster if the combs on one of the same breed appears larger than the others in that breed.
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    Sounds like a normal beak to me. Birds with light colored beaks often have darker smudges or markings on the beaks. They can look similar to bruises, but they're just pigmentation.

    As for the combs, if you have to squint to see the edges then I'd say they're girls. Leghorns generally have much larger combs than RIR's, and larger combs tend to develop more quickly than smaller ones. If they were roosters, you wouldn't have to squint to see them at two weeks old (unless you just have really poor eyesight).
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    Do you have any pictures? [​IMG]

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    Remember that Leghorns as a breed, whether they're males or females, will all have VERY large combs. Last year I hatched two White Leghorn chicks and I was utterly convinced they were both roos right up until I started finding small white eggs in my nesting boxes. As soon as they hatched I could see their combs really clearly, and both their combs and their wattles grew very big very quickly and also reddened up very early compared with any other breeds I'd hatched before. I know that with Leghorns, the females' combs should fall over to one side and the males' combs should stand upright, so maybe you could use that to help you figure out what you've got once they're a couple of months old.

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