Is this bird a Buff Ameraucana?


8 Years
May 12, 2011
Sebatopol, California
I bought 3 Buff Orpington pullets back in early April. They are now about 6 1/2 weeks old. However, one is much larger and sports a beard and greenish legs. Was there an Ameraucana in the woodpile? Photo to follow.
maybe an EE...if you had a true ameraucana you would know...they come from breeders, not hatcheries
I got them from a local feed store who bought a mess of Buff Orps from a breeder in Texas. They also had ameraucanas in a different cage. When I asked them about this bird they were surprised. No one else had called in about them.

Legs look yellow and other ones legs look green so no. True Ameraucanas will have slate colored legs.
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I did some research and you are right. I guess those green legs are a give away. He's just and Easter Egger that got mixed up with the Orpingtons at the hatchery. Well he is cute, we'll how he behaves when he gets a little older. thanks!

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