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    One of my free range hens, I was told she was a black sex link, has been sitting in the nest box for the past several days. Yesterday, and the day before, she threw an absolute hissy fit when we reached under her to check for eggs. I didn't consider that she might be broody until I went out to check for eggs today she was sitting there again. I didn't disturb her to check for eggs, but instead went to the other nest box to check and it was full. Maybe my other girls are using the other nest box because she is hogging the nest box?

    How do I know for sure if she is broody? If she is, what do I do? Leave her eggs or continue to gather them? Just let her sit it out?

    BTW, we have no roos except the 8 week old guys that we've only let out of their enclosed run (for 10-15 minutes) for the first time the day before yesterday.
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    May 17, 2010
    She's broody! Dunno what to do about it tho.
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    Yep, she is broody. You can try taking her off and closing the coop or making it so she cant sit on a nest. Or if you want to hatch eggs you could use this opportunity and put some under her. If not, I guess you could let her sit it out if you wanted to, but if you want eggs that is not the best choice.
    I think that if you can get them cooler it will help break them of it quicker...all I remember reading on that though is putting them in a wire cage so they get a breeze underneather. Idk maybe if you could get a fan or something cool to put under her maybe that would work?
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    cold water baths, wire bottomed cage, locked out of the coop.

    sometimes even the above doesn't work.

    Isolate her and get her some fertile eggs to set on OR buy some day old chicks in two weeks to slip under her at night.

    I have two hens right now raising chicks they didn't hatch.
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    I just checked on her again and she is sitting tight on an empty nest! I thought sex link breeds were unlikely to go broody?
    ( LOL, I know, I know...unlikely doesn't mean won't or can't--Ive got the exception to the rule)

    If it's okay to let her sit I'm just going to let her. I'm not overly concerned with eggs. I get anywhere from 3-5 a day and I'm okay with that. I mean, it's not going to cause a health issue for her, right?

    As for more chicks, NO THANKS! Maybe next year. Besides the 5 that free range I've got 24 that are 8 weeks old, and that's enough for now!
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    This is my black sexlink,see what happened to her.She sat on golf balls and then they hatched into buff orpintons.Sexlinks are not suppose to go broody so I wa very surprised that she did,I had some chciks ordered so I kept her broody for three week untill they came and she accepted them at night.Good mother to[​IMG]
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