Is this Buff Orpington a cockerel?


7 Years
Jul 21, 2012
Northern California
Here is my Buff Orp who is originally named Tansy, which might change to Sir Rorzan Tyson.
I am getting more sure every day that it is a cockerel. I just wanted some outside opinions. I'm guessing its 4 weeks old. Sorry for all the pics. Thanks for any help in advance. :)

This one and the 2 below it was taken a couple days ago.

These are from today.

The one next to 'Tansy' is a Black sex-link that might be a week or 2 younger.

Edit: The first 3 pics, "Tansy's" comb and wattles were a little more red than what it looks like.
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I just remembered, I have pics from my Buff Orpington from last year when she was around 6-8 weeks old, for comparison. By the way, thanks WestminsterHens for your input. :)

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It's actually okay. As long as the neighbors can tolerate his crowing and he is not aggressive, then I'm pretty sure that we can keep him. :)
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I hope I can post some pics today of the now Sir Rorzan William Tyson. He definitely is getting bigger and redder in his combs and wattles. But my family don't want to keep him, but I have a friend that might want him :)

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