Is this cocci?


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Mar 20, 2011
Lillian, AL
during the winter I lost several chickens to some kind of respiratory illness. These chickens as well as the rest of my flock shared a 10x10 coop. I have since gotten a larger coop and use this smaller one as a grow off coop for my babies.

Right now, I have my 10 week old babies in the coop (approx 25) They are starting to get sick. Not the respiratory stuff--but drooping wings, puffing out their feathers a bit, shoulders appear to be up--or their heads are set down into their shoulders...however you want to say it...they seem depressed and sit off alone and eventually die. I lost 3 yesterday and 1 today. I found one dead last week buried under the shavings--but never noticed that it was sick or getting sick. They have the coop to themselves; so they aren't sharing it with any of the big chickens.

What is wrong with them? is there something in the coop like a parasite?

If I clean that coop out...remove all shaving, clean out all nesting boxes feasible is it to "really clean " it?. I mean, it is a wood floor. It isn't feasible to wash it down with a bleach water solution and really clean it. The roost and the top of the nesting boxes are covered with dried poop. I scrap it off with a shovel--but it will never b "clean"... But I don't know what else to do--is there some kinda of spray that I could use ?
What is causing these babies to die?
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I had the same thing happen with one of my SLW chix. I got three as day old hatches and they were all growing and looking great for several weeks, then one of them just started looking similar to what you described. Kind of evil & vulture looking like it had a shrinking head and core body but the wings kept growing like a villians cape. Like it just wasn't absorbing it's food and shrinking, failure to thrive. But it's poo always looked normal and it never had any respiratory type issures at all from what I could tell anyway, however it did grow some weird blister thing under it's chin that the others started pecking at and it would move around and avoid them and then it eventually would just stay there and let them have there way. I isolated it and gave it some yogurt and then tried the organic (with mother) apple cider vinegar thing and also had some extra water with "sav-a-chic" mixed in it and it did seem to get a little better for about a week or two, but then eventully died. I have no idea what happened and will follow this post and hope others with more experince share their wisdom.
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