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Jun 12, 2016
We need to expand our coop, and I found one that sounds great for sale nearby. Hoping someone with more experience can tell me if this one would be a good fit.

We currently have 3 hens and a small coup. We placed the coop at the end of a 35 x 3 existing dog run. We barely use the run, but have ended up free ranging the chickens instead. We are on 5 acres with low lying trees and a deck the chickens love to relax under. The run is there and half covered if we need it. We just received 8 chicks, so we will have a total of 12!

So my plan is to replace the coop with a bigger one that leads to the dog run. I mainly plan on free ranging, but during snow storms want to have a big coop with a sheltered run.

Here are the details on the coop for sale...
"The coop is built onto a 4' x 6' trailer with coop dimensions of 6' x 8' plus the nesting box extension on the front. Roof is 30 year asphalt shingles.

This trailer is great for anyone with property, just hook it up behind your ATV/truck/whatever and move it from one spot to another. Hinged nesting box cover for easy convenience. Sides doors swing open for cleaning or air flow. Inside floor is fully enclosed- half solid, half metal mesh, for keeping out predators. rear door is hinged to close at night if wanted. Lots of perches inside. Plenty of room for up to 25 birds permanently, or 50 meat birds (short housing duration). Stays warm in the winter with one heat lamp."

Would this be warm enough for 12 chickens? Be easy enough to clean? Provide good ventilation?

We are going into our first winter with chickens and we get wind and snow! Want to make sure we have a coop that protects our girls! Anyone have any thought or things I need to consider?
Thanks for reading!
Is this new or used?

If new from someone making them, do you have pictures?

A 6' x 8' coop has 48 SF maximum, so if you put 25 birds in there, you would be running about double what is normally thought of as the amount of space birds need. That would be closer to commercial layer house spacing, with all the problems that goes with that. About right (max) for 12 or fewer birds.

Warm enough will depend on a lot of things, mainly how cold your weather gets and how well ventilated the coop is. Dry is warm and well ventilated is dry. Back to pictures if you have them.............
With out a picture of the coop it is hard to say if it will have good ventilation. Unless the wind will blow directly on your girls they should keep plenty warm as long as the ventilation is adequate. I would say the size is good for the 12 birds you currently have but not if you want to expand your flock later on!!
interested in seeing what this coop looks like!
Thanks for your feedback. The coop sold before we could commit, so back to square one. Next time I'll post pics :)
Since you are back to square one.......have you considered building a coop? If so, a small Woods coop is a good option for the conditions you describe. I have a link to mine in my signature area. There is another that is built at 6' x 10' and would house the number of birds you have now. My 8' x 12' has 15 birds in it now and they are doing fine.

Among other things, when you examine the Woods coop critically, it is both coop and run combined into a single building. The coop just transitions into run. The back part the coop.....the front part the run.

Birds get the room and protection they opening doors needed. If you want to attach a larger run, or build a fence around or near it to let them range out, you can. In the worst of it during winter, they can stay in for days on end, no worries.

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