Is this crowing or..?

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    Sep 13, 2015
    I have about a 10 week old chicken that was a "for sure girl" told by the breeder. In the last week or so mostly in the mornings when we open the door to check on them she makes a weird goose like honking noise, it doesn't sound like a crow, and doesn't carry like one. She's really friendly and active and doesn't seem in any way unhealthy. I'm guessing it's either panting, or another way of taking to us and greeting us? She mainly does it when she knows the door is open or that we're there. It might be panting because we have a wide range of chick ages so it's a little warmer for her then it should be. Could it be anything serious? I have a video but I don't know how to add videos, thanks!

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    If the comb is red then it's a pre-puberty croak of a crow. Look at all the birds combs, excepting Wyandotte rose comb, all pullet combs will be pale and all cockerel combs start to gain red as early as 5 weeks. At 10 weeks the difference in sex should be apparent.

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