Is this enough space for a Lion's mane rabbit?


Mar 12, 2019
So I got my bunny in Janurary. Originally we had the tiny cage (due to bad information) but she is now in a 4x4 excersise pen. I modified her bad cage as a safety den with some layers. She fully hates me (I am the one who does cares and cleanes her litter box so yeah) but I want to make sure she is happy. My family loves her and I am open to ideas for improvements! Also please excuse my mess. It is laundry day lol.
This seems pretty good for an enclosure space as long as she has ample time to exercise freely (a few hours a day) outside of this area. The general idea is 8sq ft of space per bunny and you have 4 here. However, free open run and time with family daily can help offset the amount of space.
Watch out for that carpeted floor. She will both dig into it and pee on it from time to time. Even litter trained buns pee (especially when getting older). In any storm or out of boredom, she will try to dig for safety.
A pee soaked carpet will filter to the floor underneath and rot it away, inviting bugs in the process. I would recommend placing foam puzzle mats so that you can clearly see if she has peed and clean it up. It will also offset digging behavior.
She has a "destruction carpet" in her hide that she takes great joy in. Her litter box also has more litter than nessesary and is deep sided because she loves digging in there. The rest of her play includes destroying and paper or hay based products and throwing toliet paper and paper towel rolls. We try to let her out of her run, but she refuses to come out, even if you leave the gate open. I think it is because of my presence lol. She is very friendly with the rest of my family but she largly dislikes me despite my efforts (treats, calm waiting, being the one who feeds/waters her). I assume is is because of my cleaning within her cage and that I am the clipper of nails. I've never hurt her but she holds a grudge. She does have 2 square feet of elevated space that she uses on the old cage/hide and the litter box. When the weather is good we do have a second pen that we use to let her get some supervised outside time to graze/dig. She does binky, flop, and loaf in the indoor cage. Thank you for your feedback. We are hoping to move to a farm eventually and if that happens then we can add the second excersise pen to her current cage doubling her space. I am also looking into how to add a second level with stacking the exercise pens as a possible way to add square footage.
That looks fine to me as a 'cage', so long as she gets indoor or outdoor run around time. Even just 30 minutes to an hour a day or every other day is fine, imo. Sometimes I just feel like its too hot to let mine run around outside in the summer and they are perfectly healthy with sometimes limited run around time. They have a roomy hutch they can move freely in, and yours looks like she has enough entertainment and space to exercise.

I noticed you said she doesn't want to come out when you open her pen--maybe you or a family member can try to pick her up and place her outside of it. Mine hate being picked up out of their cage but quickly forget about it and enjoy the run around, ha.

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