Is this for real?


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
Or is it fake? It looks real but how on earth is it possible for a rooster to have this much air in its lungs?

Bloody hell, I hope not! I must agree with a poster on that YouTube video, "KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

Jokes aside, that's horrendous. I have heard of some breeds bred for long crowing, but sheesh! It looks real though.
I would love to have some of you with roosters play this and see what the rooster thinks. LOL!
This one cracks me up:

LOL, ok, that one would be easier to tolerate.

I had a few roosters of some Leghorn based mongrel strain that had crows similar to that but more rapid and usually ending normally, we used to call them 'MG crows' because they sounded like machine guns. I notice that rooster's a Leghorn mix or something like that, maybe it's genetic.
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