Is this gonna be too many chicks in this size area?

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  1. Fairless

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    May 14, 2010
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    Currently have 14 six week old golden sex link pullets in a 4x8x4 coop outdoors. Will it be overcrowding/or harmful if I add 19 more three week old mixed breed/mixed sex chickens to the coop for at least another month?
  2. paddock36

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    Not sure but I think the general rule is 4 square feet per bird, but sometimes we just have to make due temporarily with what we have. If it's just for a short time you might be ok. However, it's going to get real poopy very quickly with that many birds.
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    Is there a way you can increase the run size and add more perching space? That really is a better indicator rather than sq. footage. That is a lot of chickens for that area, might be OK while they're young, but they're going to double in size soon.
  4. teach1rusl

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    I think at this age, they should have about 2 sq. ft. of space each. So no, I wouldn't put my birds in those cramped quarters even for a month. I would want at least 2x the space you're talking about. But they're not my birds.
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    Quote:I would not do it, personally, I think it is just asking for trouble. It is *possible* you could get away with it, but once the habit of pecking and cannibalism starts, it can't always be fixed aside from the hatchet...

    Also, I'd be real cautious about mixing 6 wk olds with 3 wk olds. That's enough difference in ages that pecking is extra-likely, IMO.

    Good luck, have fun,

  6. I think you will end up with many problems if you put that many chicks together. Our coop will be 7'X9' and the run will be 10'x20' for 22 chicks (unless I end up with several roo's).

    Recommended is 4 square feet per Large Fowl for coop and 10 square feet per LF for run. I live in Texas and my chickens will use the run every day (it will have a roof) but if you are in a cold climate your birds may not be able to go in the run for months.
  7. MareeZoCool

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    Will you be free-ranging them for any amount of time, or keep them locked up?

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