Is this Grit ok for my EE chick?


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May 20, 2012
New York
My chick is 7 days old and I was wondering if the grit that is in the pictures is ok for my chickie. How much do I give it and at what age do I start??

btw.... chickie is eating crumbles and i've been feeding it hard boiled egg because it had the pasties for 2-3 days
I don't think that's the grit you need for chicks. Chick grit is just crushed granite. That actually has nutritional value and protein, I believe from the label. If you're just feeding chick crumbles, you don't need grit yet, but if you put your chicks outside in the grass to graze, then you need grit, because it'll help them digest the grass or bugs or whatever it eats outside.

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