Is this grower feed OK to feed the chicks?


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I read on here somewhere that you can give chicks grow feed (when they are little older) instead of the starter. I like this idea since I can give the grow feed to the hens as well with some oyster shells. Well, I went to the feed store and they have grow feed with 16% protein and 3% fat (mash) and Quick-Gro Krackettes (crumbles) with 22.5% protein and 5% fat. The mash gets wasted so much, so I bought the crumbles. Is this ok for the chicks? They are dual-purpose breeds (buckeyes, delawares, Jersey Giants, etc) - NOT cornish cross. I only bought one bag (they were gonna be out of feed) and figured I'd check on here. If it is too much fat and protein, I will mix it with regular starter to make it have better percentages.

This is a different feed store than I usually go to also. I normally get the 16% protein starter. They only carry 22% protein starter. Is this ok for non-meat birds? If I mix the feed, I will get the normal 16% starter from our regular feed store.

Oh!!! Our chicks are coming up on 12 weeks old.
The crumbles sound like they are more for meat chickens. I guess it would depend on whether you want to keep them for a long time or if you are looking to butcher them.

My feed store recommeded grower food after the first six weeks and until they start laying. If you have roosters, then grower food with oyster shell freely offered.
Our birds are for laying, but excess roos will be butchered. I don't plan to feed the excess roos any differently than the chicks. Should I mix it with grower or starter mash (both 16% protein) to make it better?

ETA: What percentage protein does a typical chick require for grower feed? Aside from protein, are the two grower feeds different (regular mash vs the quick-gro crumbles)?
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So should I switch to a different grower or are the crumbles and mash essentially the same thing?
ETA: Oh...and the difference in protein percentage....
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I think it they both have the same protein percentage, it probably won't matter. I know next to nothing about food though. I just go talk to my local feed store, tell them the chickens I have and their ages, and they tell me what I need. These people also raise chickens so they are not like the sales people in some of the larger farm stores that are not that familiar with chickens.
youll be fine..
My starter is a 28% pro. I feed that for 5 weeks and then I switch them to a 20% pro. grower and there on that till I get the first egg then they go on a 18% pro. layer-breeder...

As far as the crumble that is the only way my starter comes..
My grower I can get in a crumble or a pellet..
The layer only comes in a pellet..

I am so jealous that you can get starter in crumbles! Only mash here, which most ends up on the floor.
The "normal" grower at our regular feed store (not the one I picked up the Quick Grow from) is an 18% protein mash, while the Quick Grow is a 22.5% protein crumble. The layer is the only thing we can get in pellets.
The first three don't have any near me.
The last one goes through distributors in the western states, so I emailed them to see if any are located in my area. I wonder if any feed stores around here can start ordering from them?

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