is this hawk proof enough?

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Mar 11, 2010
im thinking of tying strings all over the top of the run to try to keep hawks out because it is to big to cover up. do you think this could help prevent the hawks (we don't have many hawks and ive never had one of my free range hens be eaten by one)? their is a big tree in the run so would that help prevent hawks or help predators jump in
hmmm .... well my thought is that anything that keeps a hawk from 'swooping' in for a kill will lessen the likliehood of an attack. The tree alone won't do it. I've seen hawks sit in our trees and then dive bomb the chickens. I'm thinking if you have the string close enough together that it makes a hawk maneuver to get in and out you may be successful. My personal experience was a hawk sitting on a telephone wire and swooping down onto my chicken and breaking its neck. If the hawk has enough room to do that there is no snapped my hen's neck in a matter of seconds. Good luck!
Since you have the tree which reduces the ability to create the grid you might want (that said without seeing it), I would definitely add the hanging CDs to put on a flashing light show. They definitely do not like it. And an additional deterrent it is.

They will sit up in a tree and come down from a limb.
I've had a fishing line grid up for over a year now and no hawks have tried to enter the runs. They sometimes sit in a tree and look and often cruise over. I did lose a baby a few days ago when it went through the fence and outside of the run. The same hawk came back the next day and was waiting for another little one to leave the covered area, but didn't try and go into the run.

I have the lines spaced about a foot apart, with heavy fishing line. The only problem I have is the squirrels run across the top of the fence and the lines and break the line from time to time. It doesn't stop two determined girls from getting out of the run, but I've never been able to keep those two inside a run when they wanted out.

So far it's held up much longer than the plastic netting I've used.
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