Is this hen just more Intimidating then the others?


Sep 25, 2015
I have 2 cockerals named Zeus and Foggy.Foggy isn't very large and I don't expect him to get any larger (He is just a lil leghorn).Zeus I expect to feel out extremely more,he is a New Hampshire.

I have a huge New Hampshire hen who i'm positive is very low on the pecking order,but if she wasn't so old,I bet she could have been.She is huge.She is our biggest hen there,and to my eyes she looks intimidating.The cockeral spend their time circling her (and it makes her super mad),and she just puffs up,and punks them out of .a fight.My leghorn rooster doesn't really run,he doesn't flare his mane though,he kinda backs up,and stays growling.Why won't they fight her,I wanna be there to make sure she doesn't get hurt.Is it because she looks more intimidating?It'll be so odd having a low hen be bigger boss then the roosters.

Zeus sometimes will back away.and I have saw him get into "Tussles",he has no mercy.
Most of the hens were scared of him without even seeing what he could do,he is a big guy.

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