Is this Lash Egg?

Wyorp Rock

Sep 20, 2015
Southern N.C. Mountains
Found this hard-ish mass View attachment 2028150View attachment 2028153View attachment 2028151View attachment 2028155 hanging from 3 yo hen’s vent tonight. It was bloody. The outer skin slid off ( shell?) when I tried to remove the mass and it pulled apart a bit with a whitish part inside.
I know this sounds a little gross, but can you cut the parts open so we can see the what the inside looks like?

It's interesting. I lean toward Lash Egg, but it also had a membrane.

Is she still bleeding?
How is she doing? Is she lethargic?
IF she's not lethargic, then I would wash her up, see if there's any more bleeding, no prolapsed or exposed tissue.
Keep her drinking well and see if she will eat.

Now, back to what she just laid. The blood is concerning to me, so if she were mine, I would administer antibiotics. Of course if vet care is an option, that is best. Do you have any antibiotics on hand? If so, what do you have?
If that is Lash Egg, then Tetracycline would be good to use. Baytril is another choice, but it's not approved for use in laying hens, so do some reading up on that. You can order the Baytril online.


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Feb 16, 2020
I washed her in bath. She had bloody tissue bits in her feathers. After drying her, I did not see a prolapse. I cut open the mass as you recommended. It’s deep red and bloody. I have her indoors and resting.
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