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    May 10, 2016
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    I had one pullet right at 12 weeks old all of sudden acting as if she had hurt her leg. Able to stand on one and was still able to make me chase her to catch her to check. I had her outside in a pen where she could see everyone else but it's turned colder so I've set her up in a brooder set up in the house with food and water to keep her warmer and still to heal. Or so I thought.

    Today I had another pullet from the same batch, also 12 weeks old, start staggering and appeared unable to stand on one leg as well. I've added her to the brooder hospital ward with the other.

    Now I've looked up Marek's and am scared that might very well be what happening since they are both showing the same symptoms. From what I've read on the classical case, what they are both exhibiting appears to fit that description. I have examined both of them for bumblefoot and nothing on their feet at all. Toes are not curled.

    How do I tell for sure this is Mareks? Most importantly, what do I need to do to keep all my other's in the flock from coming down with this or is it too late? Help??
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    I'm sorry you are having trouble.

    The only way to tell for sure whether or not it is Marek's would be through testing/necropsy.
    Since you are in Knoxville, your best bet would be to contact UT Vet College and ask for assistance in testing/necropsy/diagnostics.

    College of Veterinary Medicine
    University of Tennessee2407 River Drive
    Knoxville, TN 37996Phone: (865) 974-8387
    Fax: (865) 974-5640

    Necropsy and State labs

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