Is this normal for a chick's beak?


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
Hi! I recently bought 6 new chicks (told they were all pullets): 2EE's, 2cuckoo marans, 1 buff orphington, and 1 GL wyandotte. I am beginning to be concerned with the beak of the GL wyandotte. I'm not sure if it is normal for this breed, its beak is completely unlike all the other chicks'. It is bumpy and gnarled looking, the nostrils seem a little sunken. When I got her 2 weeks ago, the beak was very smooth and well-formed. She is about 3 weeks old now and seems healthy otherwise. Does she have some sort of deformity? Will it affect her as she gets older? Here is a photo:

I had a cross beaked frizz roo and he lived a good life for several months but died when another roo decided to fight with him and he couldn't defend himself. I had to mix oatmeal in with his feed at first and then always make sure that the feed was deep enough for him to be able to scoop it up with his beak. We loved son named him "special" and we had to have a little burial when he died. As long as she is happy and healthy and not suffering I would just let her be. Blessings, Keri
Thanks everyone. It's not a crossed beak, it just looks strange and bumpy. It doesn't seem to affect her eating, though, so I guess I shouldn't worry about it.

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