Is this normal for a fan forced bator?

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10 Years
May 12, 2009
First off, let me say that i'm used to still air incubators.

I've got my new Hova-bator running, getting ready to test out. I have a very accurate thermometer in there. The thermometer is reading 39-40 degrees Celsius (102-104) but when I open the lid and quickly put my hand in the air feels cold. Is that just what happens with fans?

Also, I have turned it down as low as it can go and it is still up at 39 (102<). What am I supposed to do about that?
Yes the fan does feel a bit cool I've noticed that. I'd double check with a second thermometer as even with one you trust it could still be off slightly. Have you taken all the plugs out? maybe that would help
I have a 12vdc computer fan running in my coolerbator with a 9v adapter and when it's running you can hardly feel any air flow from it. When I open my cooler I can feel heat coming out, and everything is warm to the touch.
You mention you have an "accurate" thermometer. Have you calibrated it to be sure?

You can look on this link for how to reset the thermometer. I'd guess you already have this information. I have had pretty good luck e-mailing the sales staff at GQF and asking them questions. I think that is under the contact button.
is it a 1588?if so reset it and you should be good to go

When my power goes out amd it automatically resets, I need to readjust my 1588 down a bit. Reset does not put mine back to the temperature I need. The default is obvioulsy set a tad high. I think each one can be a little bit different. Like a thermometer, they need to be calibrated.


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