Is this normal for roaster chicks?


11 Years
Aug 24, 2008
We've raised broilers and cornish for fair but this is our first go around with roasters. They are two weeks old now. We were examining them and noticed these blister like spots on near their wings. They're feathers are coming in so they look kind of goofy anyway, showing a little skin
I just don't remember seeing anything like this with the other birds we've raised. Sorry the pictures didn't come out better, but I'm hoping someone can help me out.



I'm hoping that this is just normal development since they grow so quickly?
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I think it's just because they outgrow their ability to produce feathers. They will probably look worse before they look better. At least mine did.
Mine have it too! I have 25 roos who are 10 days old today. I think its the crop. I only see it on the right side, and not all of the birds have it at the same time. I posted on the "baby bird" list and someone helped me out last week.

Oh the things that *should* be in the books to prepare us!
Yeah it is the crop, I had the same thing happen to some polish. It was so distended after they ate that it looked like they swallowed a golf ball.
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