Is this Normal Rooster Behavior


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Jun 16, 2010
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We have a silkie rooster and I Love him to Death but he is a little ruff with the hens when I let them out in the morning He goes after them chasing them and Mating with them they run and flap trying to get away from him, I don't breed So I don't Need a rooster but He is a good protecter though he will challenge me when I am low to the ground. But I really love him he sits in my lap and snuggles his head in my hair and goes to sleep!

I think I would like to get rid of him we just don't have enough hens for how much mating he does and I really think he stresses the girls out though he does keep the peace between My older girls and my Babies well not really babies one laid her first Egg today
So is This normal rooster behavior? Or is being Mean I don't know because I no one around here has a rooster?


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6chickens in St. Charles

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Mar 25, 2009
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By year two it calms down. Now we can laugh at the "rooster dragon turkey" all puffed up chasing a hen, because it so rarely happens, maybe once a month or two, and then only because he's just having fun, chasing a hen to play.

For a short while, after watching Adam Sandler's movie Click my boys gave our teenroo a "humpy duck" stuffed toy chicken and it worked (he'd mate that thing). So did a log in the yard and anybody's boot (he'd put his dragon on and mount it). The kids learned about procreation by noticing the chicks after the rooster mated with the hens, and began to notice the rooster being on the proper end of the hen resulted in chicks... The rooster's testosterone wore out, though, it didn't last forever. Now he's a nice bird. The hens are a little demanding, squatting in front of him, but usually he obliges but its obvious he's not all that into it. He's three years old now.
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