Is This Normal ?


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Brevard County Florida
My Coturnix have given me their first egg and are now crowing also, question is, is it normal with no extra lighting/dark night for them to crow off and on all night? I've had chickens before that would start at 03:00 but not all night. thanks
Sounds normal to me

No coturnix crow shall go unanswered! No matter what the time of night, day or morning.
The only time I had ridiculous crowing is when I had bachelors in a separate pen. They knew there were females nearby and crowed to them constantly. 2am seemed to be their favorite time to start
Same answer from 4 or 5 different states.....must be realllll normal. I'm about 2 weeks from culling the extra roo's from this pen. It's not bothersome to me was just wondering. Thanks
I don't think mine crowed nearly as much back in the dead of winter, between say Thanksgiving and about the first of March. They do it a lot more now.

I'm a little puzzled at all of the people who comment that it is loud. To me, they're tiny little birds with little voices, and it's really not much louder than a cricket or katydid in the summer. I find it very, very pleasant.
I am not sure why but when the timer turns off the lights they crow for just a bit but stop in about 5 minutes then start back up at daylight about 5 am here

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