Is this normal?

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    I have a BO x RIR chick (whom I suspect is male) and is now 25 days old. He is a golden colour and was, up until recently, covered in beautiful thick chick fuzz.

    In the past couple of days he has entered the velociraptor stage. Walking around very upright like a baby dinosaur! [​IMG] He has been very slow to feather up and whilst he has almost fully feathered wings, he only has a few spiky tail feathers, and a few oddly placed feathers on his back. He really is in the 'ugly stage' but I love him anyway!

    So my question: It appears as if he is outgrowing his chick fuzz before his feathers come in...... By that, I mean that he has literally grown about an inch in height this week, and the remaining fuzz on his neck seems to be looking "sparse." I can see his skin through it, which I couldn't do before. Mind you, I think the full inch he grew this week was solely on his neck - he really is quite giraffe-like, lol. His fuzz is not coming out in clumps, it is still evenly distributed, but is just getting very, very fine. His body looks, well, messy - some feathers, some fuzz lol. But no sparse-ness.

    Is this normal?

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    sounds like my son at 13....

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