Is This Pied?

It's cute!
Thanks! So now you all need to explain how I got this chick... The whole dark pied, split white, loud pied "thing" hurts my brain, lol, and DH wants to know!

Looks Pied to me. Do you have any birds that could be split to White, split to Pied, White, Pied, or Silver Pied peafowl?

From peacocks like these ...:

... very clear pied peacocks with probablly Silver Pied ascendants.

Other chicks :

... Some resemble a silver pied ...for the phenotype!
But the genotype, that would be impossible!

I think we have understood nothing of the Silver Pied .... we have everything to learn!

"Dad has white flights and is out of a hen with white flights by a sire that is solid." ... perhaps a Dark Silver Pied ! I think they are the key to many mysteries!

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