Is this sneezing anything to worry about?


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Apr 20, 2011
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Youtube video link:

is my black mottled cochin pullet, Ms. Frizzle. At :09 in the linked video is an example of the "sneezes" she was making for almost 10 minutes.. of course, everytime I was recording her, she turned camera shy and wouldn't sneeze, this was the best one I was able to catch. As far as I can tell, she is clear eyed and her nostrils look clear. She acts normal but seemed to be wanting to roost on the porch tonight instead of going back to the coop (for her own safety.. she was returned to the coop.. not really wanting to come out and find that the owls we didn't know were around came to visit during the night..).

While she only "sneezes" once on the video.. understand that she was doing them fairly regularly about every other minute or so.. then stopped after the sun set. The other chickens would crowd around her with expressions of "what the heck was that?" During the first "sneezing fit", she stayed completely still and seemed to be spreading her legs and squatting, moving her fuzzy butt up and down (possibly trying to poop?). Her poop looked like green-brown really wet sand.. but she had been eating watermelon which might have effected that as the rest were giving similar droppings.

She is not laying yet. Is this anything to worry about?
What a beautiful little bird! I just posted about my Buff Orpington, who has been sneezing for two days. She also has been 'panting', and wandered off under the trees by herself. She did eat a bit of scratch today, which I was glad to see. Guess we are in the same boat. Wish I had some advice for you, but I too, am seeking information as well! Hope both Ms. Frizzle and Buffy get better soon!
Well.. mine doesn't seem to have any issue with appetite, she eats well, was hunting out bugs with the others, and everything.. except for during these odd sneezing fits.
Hard to say what's going on with the sneezing based on the video. If you want, ine the meantime and before she has the potential to worsen, you might do a search on oxine on this website. I have been using it to fog my chickens the past few nights and will do so until they stop sneezing. Oxine, simply put, sanitizes just about everything and supposedly when breathed in, can help birds fight off infections, such as those that cause sneezing etc. The oxine must be vaporized though, and inhaled by the birds. It is not harmful to them or us!
Thanks for this info, as I am having the same problem with a sneezing hen! I am going to search all around town tomorrow for Oxine! I read about it on this site a couple days ago, and definitely want to keep it around in the future. Will probably have to order it, however! Will see what tomorrow brings! If I don't find it locally, will order online!
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