Is this the beginning of a comb? (picture)

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All of my chicks should be Columbian Wyandottes. Below is a picture of one that I'm growing to believe is a male. The chicks are either yellow, yellow/gray mix or very dark, almost black. My first question is, is the below picture the start of the comb? My second question is, are the black ones consistent with male Columbian Wyandottes?


Are the little bumpy things the beginnings of a comb?

Examples of variations of the chicks.

Any help would be appreciated.
Yes those little bumpy things are the beginning of the comb.

My Columbian Wyandotte chicks are smoky gray and yellow. I have had them as adult chickens before and they were white and black (primarily white with black markings). I haven't ever had a black Columbian Wyandotte.
Boo-Boo's Mama :

Barred Rock?

So I googled Barred Rock for images and the pics of the chicks I came across are very similar to the black chicks I have! The only thing is that they seem to have an awful lot of fluff on the back of their necks. It kinda poofs out a bit. Since it's almost midnight here, I'll wait until morning to try to get a better picture of them.

I think you're probably right! Thank you! How well do these breed with Columbian Wyandottes? Does it make for good chicks?​
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