Is this the right type of diatomaceous earth to use?

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8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
Springfield, GA
I have been shopping around and have found a local store that carries Diatomaceous Earth and he says that the bag says "Food, Chemical, Codex Grade." Is this food grade Diatomaceous earth? Is this what I want to buy or not? I want to make sure it is the right stuff before I spend $41 on a 50 LB bag. Also if this is the right stuff how much should I use in a 8'X16' run and a 4'X8' coop?
That's how mine is labled too. I can only find it localy in 5 lb containers for $10, so that price sounds great to me. I have a 4X8 coop and I don't measure it, but I sprinkle enough to dust the top of the shavings weekly. I haven't used it in the run yet.

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