is this too cold should i expect dead chicks?


9 Years
Nov 26, 2010
North Mississippi
So on the 18th day of incubation I moved my eggs to the hatcher. Raised the humidity and because of some thermometer issue's in the morning of the 21th day wich is this morning, I discovered the tempertature had been at 95 to 94 I raised the temp to 100 and has been there all day. So tonight will be the full 21 full days! Still no peeping or pipeing yet. What should I do?

Any and all responces would be very much appreciated!
If infertility is not an issue, the statistics show that the highest levels of dead in shell happen at the last few days of incubation. This has been a nightmare of mine and I have had a couple hatches prove to be a waste of 21 days of waiting. There are times when it goes perfectly. So with that being said:

Lower temperatures can make the incubation period much longer. Just sit on your hands and make sure humidity levels are high enough. Good Luck!
Sounds like you may have a delayed hatch due to low temps. Most people on BYC will tell you to never give up on eggs until the end of day 25. I have seen posts saying they have had hatches as late as day 27. I would hang in there a bit longer if I were you.

I'm sending you good hatching vibes.
Oh wow thanks! That is uplifting! These are very important eggs to me! I collected these two a day for two weeks then culled again for a better blue color! I'm doin an easter egger improvement project!

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