Is this true os is my leg being pulled?


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
Hodges, S.C.
I had an old man thell me that you could tell the gender of a chick by holding it upside down. If it fights back its a roo and it it lays there it a pullet. Has anyone ever heard of this or tried it? Just wondering if it really works
Lots of people have heard that (and some believe it) but no, it's not true. Lots of people on here have disproved it over and over again. For instance, you can pick up chicks that you ordered (all pullets or roos) and some will lay there and some will fight back - but they are all the same sex.
I would guess that that method is probably better at showing the temperament of the chicken rather than the sex. Is the chick going to be feisty/flighty or laid back? Just an idea.

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